Ontario flag from 'World Animated Flags' QEW Overhead, Hamilton-bound

Kings Highway

Photos of, and commentry on Ontario Highways

Last Updated on March 27th, 2006

Contact page updated with gif-image email address, also visible on main page. Freeway Interchange directory link re-activated after a 2 year, 2 month absence. It never did get off the ground, did it?

Paragraph explaining the status of kingshighway.ca added.

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kingshighway.ca: Frozen in time

Development of kingshighway.ca has come to an end, something regular visitors will, I'm sure, have gathered by now :-)

I'm still a highway geek but the photography and web-maintenance aspects of the hobby did not appear to suit my idle nature. The site will, however, remain live. There are definitely no plans to take it offline. Furthermore I am still reachable for questions and comments at the usual email address, listed below.

Continue to enjoy my small collection of Ontario highway photographs. 20 years from now this site will have quite a historical feel to it...


There is not, in my own humble opinion, a single jurisdiction in the World with a road network that can stand up to Ontario's in terms of it's history, character, variety and magnitude.

Not that most people who drive on the network care, or even notice. In fact, I've been forced to stop bringing up the topic of Ontario (or other) Highways with people because of the number of strange looks I get in return. Instead I'm now confining my efforts to this website, my own small contribution catering for the limited but growing number of Ontario road geeks out there.

So on that note Welcome to The Kings Highway, where I will photograph, condemn, praise, rant and generally pay homage to the world's greatest highway network.

It is not my intention to rehash what already exists on other websites. This site is merely my personal bits n' pieces take on Ontario Highways. I will quote my online sources when dicussing technical or historical aspects of particular roads or developments.

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